First for Forever

cody love story - first for forever


  • nama author : Ruri Alifia Ramadhani –> @rurimadanii
  • Main cast : Cody Simpson, You[as Ratri]
  • Title : Cody Simpson Love Story-First For Forever
  • Rating : T
  • Genre : Romance
  • Disclaimer : presents for @ratripspt ! first-full english #cls! i’m sorry if i made mistake in it. this #cls i used to be my work at english lesson in narrative text. then you can used this story as your example of narrative text if you search category story like that for your HW.  soo, maybe you can think why this #cls felt like a.. kid story? just like that. haha! i’m still studying 🙂 feel free to comment, criticize  and bashing 😀 enjoy 🙂


A long time ago, there was a 16thgirl lived in a distant village. She wasn’t an ordinary girl. She was a prophecies.  She could properchy everything, such as weather, fortunate, unfortunate even the remarkably was.. She could see the death way of a person by only did eye-contact. That part made her avoided stranger, neighbor even her friend of the same age. Nobody wanted to be friend with her. Her parents protected her from out-life too. So, this girl-named Ratri-always felt lonely to facing her days. But, she should keep on that way if wanted to living peacefully. In the night, Ratri always looked a thousand stars in the sky to propeching what would happen tomorrow. Or just watch their beautiful lights and shape. If there was not rain or heavy wind, she usually took a walk to lake in her village-forest to watching stars clearly.

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