beautiful words which suit my experience :’DD

The Daily Journal

It’s weird to say that my favorite scent is the smell of his sweater. Wangi sabun madu dan kayu cendana bercampur menjadi satu dan terserap dalam setiap serat sweaternya. Hangat dan menenangkan. Sangat sesuai dengan pembawaannya yang tenang dan tidak banyak kata.

And my favorite moment is the moment of our silence.

I just like to sit beside you without saying a word. Listening to you, talking and laughing. It doesn’t matter what we talked about, or what we were laughing at. What matters most is you were there. Just be there. It’s a good thing when I missed you, but we met often. I missed you more when we don’t get to see each other.

I miss everything about spending quality times with you, even when it only includes random jokes and pointless chat. I miss talking to you about everything and not being scared nor worried about you…

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