Lanterns and their secret♥


Lentera itu simpan sejuta misteri
mengekang cahaya abadi
menawar remang terawang
temani kesepian lautan hati


beku terfikirkan tentangmu
mimikmu, katamu, lakumu
terlukis indah dalam korneaku
terpatri selalu dalam benakku
tersimpan rapi dalam lentera itu
akan semuanya
ya, kenanganku bersama indah dirimu

gimana puisikuu ? hwehehehe, seems so childish XD mwahahahawk~ padahal lagi ngga galaau, malah bisa bikin puisi galaw XDD tapi jelek ya puisinya ? SANGAT BUTUH KOMEN ! pas dibaca ulang… nggak ada hubung-hubungannya ya sama lentera.__.V it’s okaay-lah. the important thing is.. i can’t approve my time in writting poem-__- always feel looooong and feel never complete-__- how can i fix that ? hah ! nopreblemo laaah. ohyeah, i have a wish !

if i have a bf, i hope he can bring me somewhere whose many lights spread beautifully and  many lanterns flying in the sky there♥

ohyeaah, i wanna to sharing pics now !

I ♥ U ! got it from we♥it! and suddenly, i felt so happy to looking that pic ;))
don’t know why, just imagined.. why if Cody do such kind of thing on your birthday ? or maybe on valentine ? that was so sweeeet ! why must Cody ? Because i don;t have bf XD mwahahahawk~
FYI, i just.. falling in love with lights♥ hey, that was so beautiful ! moreover fireworks ! CRAP ! I LOVE THEM ! How about if there was firework of my face ? :DD That SHOULD BE SO INCREDIBLEEEE ! #abaikan.

and, there is the rest one of that kind of pic…

that pic, feel romantic more♥
cute, isn’t it? :))

yesterday, i didn’t post anything yet-__- so, yeah ! here i am, in front of monitor, writting something on my lovely blooog ;))

soo, what’s special today? O.o I don’t know.__. todaay, i went to school with my short skirt[and that’s made my hips looked bigger-__-] , Javanese lesson, history lesson[yeaaah ! i got 80 in monthly-exams! but, there are some of my friend get 90-__-] , break time, discussion about album of 9th memories[and my class will take photo of that album on the day after tomorrow! SO EXCITEED!], and maths remedial! ooh, and alsoo TO IPA.

i don’t know what to say now-__- there are no word in my mind-__- i’m not in the mood to talking about someone now. Sorry if there is no relation in the title and the content of my posting :pp but i think, there is ! becaaaause ! ‘their secret’ i mean.. is about my poem~ hwehehe

i just get a valuable thing today that..

Don’t ever make your annoying friend bad in front of other people, because the worst we felt about him/her, finally we need him/her too.


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