Mak, Maafin Aku.

hi! this is my 2nd post XDD nooot ! my third-_– the another one is ‘noname,’ i posted it when i tried to register this blog to google search engine. and the result… oh crap, that’s quite difficult to understand-__- eventough, there are many tutorials in google. but as still i can, i’ll try on my own ;)) but, now i give uuup w(‘A’w) maybeeee, in the sunday i’ll try once agaiiin !

ohyeaaah, i learn many things today :’)) before then, i wanna to say something..

“thank you for today, my sweet Lord and thank you for everything that you have given to me♥ Alhamdulillah Ya Allah :’))”

soo, i get lil depressed just now. and that’s made me asked to Allah like this..

“If i’m the burden of my parents, and i always made them bad, please.. let me die.”

and that was continuedly..

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