hi ! ruri here 🙂 that was my picture abovee ! #testing look cute doesn’t it? :p
i come from Indonesia, exactly on the earth near mud flood of LApindo that called Sidoarjo. that is located in East Java. and i’m first in my family, means that i’m first daughter-__- #that’snonsense
yeaaah ! this is my 2nd wordpress-__- maybe i used this one for sharing my writing :DD because i’m in a project of Cody Love Story and such kind of thaaat~ proudly, I’M SIMPSONIZEEEER♥
Alhamdullillah, i have interesting on writing, fashion, photography and such kind like research in experiment. that was so mix and mess, i think-__- and i like ENGLISH A LOT ! i hope i can study in other foreign, or maybe live there or maybe marry with one of guy thereeee ~.~ #dream but #amin :p LOL
for fashion, i have lookbook named : RURI ALFIA and looklet which have the same namee.
because of time and alsi i’m in third grade now, maybee.. i can’t too update this month till may. hope i can study at favourite SHS♥ AMIEN #curhat.
so, InsyaAllah you meet many of my writting in this blog 😀 hope i can update it regularly and this blog can be THE HITS 😀

enjooy !

#sorry if my English was Bad ><#


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